Catering by East Tce Contintental

Breakfasts’, lunches’, morning and afternoon teas’ delivered to your doorstep.

E.T.C online

Our continued personal service along with our quest for improvement has enabled us to provide you with a fantastic catering menu and online access.

Its as easy as clicking on the link and about 5 minutes of your time, or if you’d prefer a more personal touch give us a call and our catering manager will be waiting to talk with you.

Free on time delivery within the CBD and professionally couriered service outside the CBD, anytime of the day is fine.

We understand that Sometimes things get forgotten, plans may change or it’s a spare of the moment request, that’s fine we are happy to whip up an order; if our courier company can’t deliver it then we will personally make the delivery.

Our location means delivery and pick up is easy, with over 15 years experience we have come to understand what is required for your catering needs and how important it is to impress your own clients; from simple morning tea muffins and light rolls to gourmet finger food and house made sweets. Something specific let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

If there is something we can change then we would like to know if its something we can do better then your feedback is impeccable to our improvement.

Please click on our seasons catering page to put though your order or for any queries email us